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Invoice email scam now targeting Australian businesses
January 2015: SCAMwatch is warning Australian businesses to beware of an invoice email scam seeking payment re-direction.
Beware of fake vouchers that end up costing you more
January 2015: SCAMwatch is urging consumers to be alert to scammers offering fake vouchers in exchange for financial and other personal information.

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Victim stories and latest news
ACCC email scam hoax
The ACCC is warning consumers to be on guard against scam emails impersonating the agency.

Australian Bureau of Statistics warns Victorians about phishing scam
The ABS is advising the Victorian community to be aware of a scam in which scammers call pretending to be from the ABS and ask people for their personal information.

Scam disruption project
We’ve launched a national scam disruption project to alert Australians to the risk of relationships scams, including tips on how to spot fake dating profiles.

Queensland University of Technology study: Understanding, reporting & improving responses following online fraud
Between August and October 2014 the ACCC sent letters and emails to individuals who had previously reported losing money as a result of scams to invite them to participate in a research project.


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