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This year’s annual National Consumer Fraud Week campaign, ‘Get smarter with your data’, runs from 18 May – 24 May 2015.

Find out more about the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce and its subgroups, members and partners.

The 2014 Fraud Week campaign (Monday 16 – Sunday 22 June) is all about raising awareness of relationship scams. This year's campaign asks Australians to think twice before transferring money – if someone asks for money, but you’ve never met them in person, they’re more than likely trying to scam you.

The 2012 National Consumer Fraud Week 'Slam Scams!' campaign runs from 19 to 25 March and aims to raise awareness of scam delivery methods so that you can identify and slam a scam at the point of contact.

The ACFT would like to know about any scams that you have received and how you have responded to them.

National Consumer Fraud Week 2011 is all about you. Running from 7 to 13 March, 'Scams: It’s Personal' focuses on the personal side and impact of scams, and how we can fight fraud that occurs on the home front.

The first week of March 2010 is National Consumer Fraud Week. This year's campaign has the theme 'Online Offensive—Fighting Online Fraud' and will focus on raising awareness of online consumer fraud and scams.

The first week of March 2009 was the National Consumer Fraud Week

Fraud Fortnight focused on scams that seduced and deceived through promises of things like great prizes, true love or easy money.

Scams target you! There seems to be a scam created to trap just about everyone.

Results of an ABS survey on Personal Fraud show consumer fraud has become a major concern.

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