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Job and employment scams

Job and employment scams target people looking for a new job or a change of job. They often promise a lot of income (sometimes they even guarantee it) for not a lot of work.

You should be very careful of someone who uses spam email or ads posted in the street to employ people. They are often only interested in earning money from you!

Employment opportunities that promise huge incomes with little work – usually by asking you to transfer money for someone else or recruit new victims.

Scammers ‘guarantee’ you a job or certain level of income, tricking you into paying an up-front fee for a ‘business plan’ or materials.

There are a range of scams marketed as business opportunities. They promise success but usually only the promoter makes any money.

Similar scams:

If you agree to transfer money for someone you don’t know, you let scammers use your bank account to ‘launder’ their dirty money. This puts you and your money in the firing line.

Illegal schemes that always collapse when the supply of victims dries up, leaving nearly everyone involved much worse off.

Expensive software packages that promise to predict the results of sporting events or share market movements. When they fail to work as promised, refunds are hard to come by.

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