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How to report a scam to SCAMwatch

You can report a scam to SCAMwatch (the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) via:

The SCAMwatch Report a Scam online form (opens in new window)
Use this form:

  • to report a scam or suspected scam to the ACCC
  • if you do not require a response or personal guidance.

Due to the high volume of reports, the ACCC is unable to reply to all reports made using the online form.

The SCAMwatch ACCC Infocentre on 1300 795 995*
Operates from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm EST weekdays, except National public holidays. Due to high call volume, you may experience a wait time.

Call this number if you:

  • cannot find the information you need on the SCAMwatch website
  • have a question or concern
  • are in the process of sending money and are unsure if it is a scam 
  • have lost money or have not received goods or services that you paid for
  • are the victim of a scam or are concerned about someone who you think has been scammed

* Please note, 13 and 1300 numbers called from a landline telephone cost no more than a local call, however 13 and 1300 calls made from mobiles are often charged at a higher rate and may not be included in your mobile plan or cap. Please check the terms and conditions with your mobile provider before calling 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers from your mobile.

In some cases, other organisations may be able to help - visit our report a scam to another organisation page.

What we do after you report a scam

Your report is important to the ACCC as this information assists us in monitoring scam trends and taking action where appropriate, including to educate the public on new or emerging scams.

If you contact the ACCC Infocentre, you will receive information on the matter being reported, the ACCC’s role in relation to scam activity, and any options that may be available. In some cases, the Infocentre may suggest another organisation to contact.

If you make a report online, a record will be kept and you may be contacted by the ACCC if any further information is required. The ACCC is unable to reply to all reports made online via the SCAMwatch Report a Scam form due to the high volume received.

The ACCC does not give legal advice.

This page lists other organisations you can report scams to.

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