SCAMwatch is warning consumers to be wary of spam emails promising a $500 Myer gift card, which may actually be a ruse to steal your money and personal details.

New South Wales Fair Trading has informed SCAMwatch that a number of consumers have received emails from 'Shoppers Saving Centre' asking recipients to participate in a survey in return for a Myer gift card.

NSW Fair Trading warns that the survey link may contain a virus designed to gain access to personal bank accounts.

SCAMwatch understands that consumers will not receive the gift card by simply taking part in the survey.

Myer has released a notice to customers informing them that it does not have an association with Shopper Saving Centre. 

SCAMwatch advises that if consumers receive this email, they should delete it immediately. Never provide personal information in response to unsolicited emails.


Report the matter on the ‘Report a scam’ page in SCAMwatch.

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