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SCAMwatch and South Australian Police are warning Australian job hunters to be wary of a mystery shopper job scam.

The ACCC has quickly acted to stop the individuals behind TVI Express from enticing consumers to join its so called money-making venture.

… it had a secret method to predict future Powerball draws. The Federal Court today found that it had engaged in false or … Australian Competition and Consumer Commission action. The scammer, Constantine 'Con' Barris, and his company, …
… projects. Recipients who express an interest in the environment or indicate that they are interested in … hang up! WesternField Holdings has recently been added to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s list … Don’t agree to offers or deals straight away. Tell the person that you are not interested or that you want to …

SCAMwatch is warning those looking for love online to be wary of dating and romance scams.