Hughesy and Kate of KIIS FM warn about dating and romance scams

12 October 2015

Through romantic ‘Barb’, Hughesy and Kate from KIIS FM have infiltrated the world of dating and romance scammers to expose to their listeners how they operate and the tactics they use to swindle their victims.

Barb (played by Kate Langbroek) is being targeted by a scammer called Robert. Robert has demonstrated all the hallmark signs of a dating and romance scammer and has recently asked Barb for money to help with costs for his ‘construction business’.

The saga is a timely reminder about how Australians need to protect themselves when looking for love online.

KIIS FM has covered Barb’s infiltration of dating and romance scammers from the beginning. You can catch-up with clips of their work to expose these scammers on their webpage.

ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard has spoken with the radio duo on topics like spotting scammers, breaking off contact and helping affected friends and family. This included speaking with the daughter of a woman who was being targeted by a dating and romance scammer.

You can watch and listen to Delia’s interviews here on Scamwatch:

Podcasts of other episodes including interviews with Delia are available at:

KIIS FM exposes some common scammer tactics

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