How to use this report

  • you can tap or click anywhere on the charts or use the dropdown menus to add filters to the whole report
  • use the ‘Clear all’ button to remove all filters
  • you can export the data to a desktop device
  • you can hover over graphs to see a breakdown of the data on a desktop device.

If you have accessibility requirements and have any difficulty accessing the information in this PowerBI dashboard, please contact us to request the data in an alternative format.

This data is based on reports provided to the ACCC by web form and over the phone.

The data is published on a monthly basis. Our quality assurance processes may mean the data changes from time to time.

Some upper level categories include scam reports classified under ‘Other’ or reports without a lower level classification due to insufficient detail provided. Consequently, upper level data is not an aggregation of lower level scam categories.

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