SCAMwatch is pleased to report a major win in the fight against scammers obtained in Canada this week. 

A Toronto scammer, Mr David Stucky, who pleaded guilty of offences under the Canadian Competition Act was fined CAD$2 million in a successful case brought by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada.

Mr Stucky was convicted under the criminal deceptive mass marketing provisions of the Canadian Competition Act for promoting lottery and sweepstake scams to millions of consumers in over 200 countries using deceptive direct mail promotions.

The successful outcome is a result of collaboration between consumer protection agencies around the world. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and agencies in New Zealand, the USA and the UK worked with the Canadian Competition Bureau on this investigation.

Mr Stucky was prohibited from engaging in mass marketing for 10 years, was ordered to pay CAD$100 000 to the Salvation Army and must report his occupation to the bureau each year for five years. He was also placed on probation and given a suspended gaol sentence for his involvement in another sweepstakes scam.

This case is an important step in the fight against scammers and serves as a stern warning to those who believe they can undertake such criminal activity and be safe from prosecution by perpetrating scams outside the borders of the country where they reside.

It also illustrates the commitment of authorities around the world to work together to protect consumers from scams.


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