Scammers are targeting Taylor Swift fans with fake ticket sales through social media, ahead of her Eras Tour in February.

Over 270 people have reported being scammed this way, with NSW and Victoria affected in particular.

This scam activity is expected to increase leading up to Swift's Australian concert dates in mid-February.

How to spot this scam

  • You receive a social media message or see a post offering Taylor Swift tickets for sale from someone you think you know. 
  • They might have a story about why they can’t go to the concert and are selling the tickets 'at cost'.
  • They may try to rush you to buy the tickets and transfer them money, referring to the high demand for tickets.

Scam message screenshots

Screenshot of Taylor Swift social media ticket scam. Message reads 'Hello Swifties, We have 4 extra Taylor Swift tickets for Accor Stadium' and includes ticket details and directions on how to contact the scammer
Screenshot of Taylor Swift social media ticket scam. Message reads 'Hello everyone. I'm selling my 4x Taylor Swift tickets for Melbourne' and includes directions on how to contact the scammer through private message

How the scam works

  • Scammers have taken over the social media profile of the friend or person you know. They are now pretending to be the friend or acquaintance.
  • As well as the ticket price, the scammer may ask for extra fees to change the name on the ticket.
  • Once you've paid the money, you don't receive a ticket or any more contact from the scammer.
  • You find out your friend or acquaintance’s social media profile has been hacked, and the scammer has used their contact list. The tickets don't exist.

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Scammers are highly skilled at manipulating our feelings. They want us to say 'yes' before we think things through.

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If you're not sure about an offer, or something doesn't feel right, delete and block. Never click the link.

Protect yourself

  • The safest way to buy tickets is from an authorised ticket seller.
  • If you're thinking about an offer on social media (which we don't recommend), do your research. Independently contact your friend through a different channel to check it’s real.
  • Always look for secure payment options such as PayPal or Apple/Google Pay instead of giving your credit card details to the seller.
  • Be alert to the fact that scams exist. 

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If you've been affected

  • If you have lost money, contact your bank or financial institution as soon as possible.
  • Contact the platform you were scammed on and let them know about the scam. 
  • Help others by reporting scams to Scamwatch.
  • Tell your friends and family: it helps to share your experience, they can support you and you can help protect them from scams.