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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is warning migrants to watch out for scammers pretending to be from the ‘Department of Immigration’, threatening deportation and demanding money.

The ACCC is urging Australians to hang up on and delete tax scams after more than $1 million was reported lost to Scamwatch already this year.

Scamwatch is warning Australian consumers and small businesses to take extra care when seeking government grants and to be suspicious of unsolicited offers of money in the form of government grants.
… Losses to scams increase by 65 per cent for Indigenous consumers in … 2014. Scams infographic 2015 - Indigenous consumers   × … Scam statistics 2015 - Indigenous consumers … Scams … make sure no-one is using your name to borrow money or run up debts. Scams target everyone. Watch the ACCC’s video to …
… Australians lose over $229 million to scams in 2015 … The Australian Competition and Consumer … lost to the ACCC’s Scamwatch last year, with 105,200 scam complaints. In 2014, the ACCC received 91,600 scam … Fraud Week, the ACCC is urging the community to ‘Wise Up to Scams’ following a $3 million increase in scam losses …