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SCAMwatch is warning would-be travelers to watch out for travel scams as scammers seek to take advantage of those looking for a hard-earned break.

… beware! … SCAMwatch is pleased to report a major win in the fight against scammers obtained in Canada this week.  A … Mr David Stucky, who pleaded guilty of offences under the Canadian Competition Act was fined CAD$2 million in a successful case brought by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada. Mr Stucky was …

SCAMwatch is warning Australians to be on the lookout for a new telemarketing scam where scammers send text messages to advise consumers they have won ‘third prize’ in a bogus prize draw.

SCAMwatch is warning consumers to watch out for an unsolicited text message announcing an unexpected win.

SCAMwatch is warning consumers to be wary of spam emails promising a $500 Myer gift card, which may actually be a ruse to steal your money and personal details.