We have partnered with the creative minds behind 'The Checkout' TV series, to create a hilarious podcast for Scams Awareness Week 2020.

The This is Not Your Life podcast parodies the classic TV show 'This Is Your Life' to provide useful information on how to avoid scams and protect your identity.

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Episode one: Phishing scams

This is Not Your Life 'celebrates' the career of a master of the phishing scams designed to trick you into disclosing the surprisingly small amount of personal information that scammers need to steal your whole identity.

Episode two: Online shopping and classified scams 

This episode lures a master of online shopping and classified scams into the studio to reveal the tricks of her (criminal) trade … information you can use to protect yourself when shopping online.

Episode three: Romance scams

Love is in the air on the next episode ... but not true love. This is Not Your Life 'celebrates' the career of a master romance scammer and reveals the tricks romance scammers use to turn fake love into real money.

Episode four: Business email compromise scams

In this episode of This is Not Your Life, meet a master of business identity theft who sends out bogus invoices from real businesses … hoping to trick you into paying into the scammer’s account. Plus learn how to avoid installing malware on your computer at work or home.

Episode five: Remote access scams

Lock up your laptops because on the final 'special COVID-19 lockdown' episode of This is Not Your Life for Scams Awareness Week 2020 we feature the scammer who cons you into letting her access your computer remotely.