Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce

The Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce (ACFT) is made up of government regulatory agencies and departments in Australia and New Zealand that work alongside private sector, community and non-government partners to prevent fraud.

Purpose of the ACFT

Formed in 2005, the ACFT is comprised of government regulatory agencies and departments with responsibility for consumer protection and policing in the areas of scams and fraud.

Its purpose is to help government members work together to:

  • enhance the Australian and New Zealand governments' enforcement activity against fraud and scams
  • run an annual coordinated information campaign for consumers, the National Consumer Fraud Week (timed to coincide with Global Consumer Fraud Prevention Month)
  • involve the private sector and community groups in the information campaign and encourage them to share information they may have on scams and frauds
  • generate greater interest in research on consumer frauds and scams.

ACFT forums

The ACFT holds three member agency forums a year, which focus on:

  • research of relevance to members and possible research that could be undertaken in the future to help combat consumer fraud
  • enforcement and disruption approaches in the consumer fraud field
  • education approaches and initiatives of relevance that may assist in raising awareness of consumer fraud more broadly.

Members of the ACFT

The current members of the ACFT are:

Australian Government

  • Attorney-General's Department
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Australian Communications and Media Authority
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (Chair)
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Australian Institute of Criminology
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Department of Communications
  • Department of Human Services

  • Office of the eSafety Commissioner

State and territory governments

  • Access Canberra
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • Consumer Affairs Northern Territory
  • New South Wales Office of Fair Trading
  • New South Wales Police Fraud Squad
  • Northern Territory Police Services

  • Queensland Office of Fair Trading
  • South Australia Consumer and Business Services
  • Tasmanian Consumer Building and Occupational Services
  • Department of Commerce (Western Australia)

New Zealand Government

  • New Zealand Commerce Commission
  • Scamwatch New Zealand (New Zealand Ministry of Consumer Affairs).

Partners of the ACFT

The work of the ACFT is assisted by a number of government, business and community group partners. The partners recognise the seriousness of consumer fraud in Australasia and are committed to disseminating the ACFT's message to consumers during National Consumer Fraud Week.

ACFT business partners include leading banks, financial institutions, credit card providers, insurers and telecommunications groups. Community groups and other government organsations throughout Australia also play a vital role in helping the ACFT raise consumer awareness of scams.

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