Scam victims tell us their stories

Investment scam: I lost $50 000 in fake online trading

Be suspicious of investment opportunities that promise a high return with little or no risk, and don't let anyone pressure you into making decisions about your money or investments.

Dating & romance scam: my brother lost $20 000 looking for love

Scammers take advantage of people looking for romantic partners. They will express strong emotions for you and will go to great lengths to gain your interest and trust.

Business email compromise: our business lost $190 000 when our supplier's email was hacked

Some emails may look like they're from a genuine supplier of a business. Scammers may request changes to bank account details so that payment will be redirected into their account.

Online shopping scam: we lost $160 on a fake BBQ

While many online sellers are legitimate, unfortunately scammers can use the anonymous nature of the internet to rip off unsuspecting shoppers.

Unusual payment scam: I lost $300 to a Facebook ticket seller

If someone asks you to pay for anything using a gift card, it's a scam. A legitimate business or government department won't ask for payment this way.

ATO impersonation scam: mother-in-law lost $4000 over a fake tax debt

Don’t be pressured by a threatening caller. Scammers may pretend to be from a government department and claim you have outstanding debts, threatening you with arrest or legal action.

Remote access scam: I lost $520 to fake 'Telstra' employee

Some scammers may pretend to be a staff member from a large telecommunications or computer company in an attempt to gain your personal or bank details.

Identity theft: I lost $6028 when scammers stole my identity

Scammers can gain access to your private information through unlocked mailboxes or discarded personal documents such as utility bills, insurance renewals or health care records.